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First of, how many cores you have has no impact on the game, as the game doesn’t use more than one (maybe a second get’s used a tiny bit, but not really). Your CPU should be acceptable, but it is technically below the minimum requirement (Core 2 Duo were released in 09, your CPU hit the market in 08). The FSB speed for example is noticeably lower on yours, which has implications for memory speed and such.

The GPU is also slower than the one specified. The 3850 is between 1.6 and 2 times faster than yours (4650). It’s beaten in almost every category (memory speed/rate/bus-width, number of shaders, pixel fill rate). I’d say you do have a chance with the game since you have 1 GB of memory on the card, but you might get very low fps. The game currently has performance problems even with much more advanced systems (I have a card roughly 5x as fast as yours, a HD 6870, and some things cause my framerate to drop to about 10 with basically minimal settings).

I would not advise buying it yet, but waiting for the performance to be fixed (if it ever is), then it’s probably playable for you (even though it may not bet fantastic, it should then be playable).

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