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*- what is better : a round-trip or to a point in town and back the same way

I would say a full line is the best way. I Usually have the bus enter a town and have 3 or 4 stops, two at the edge and one or two at the center. Then continue to the next one. In this way i can use the same line for both intercity and in-city communication. I don´t know if its the best way, but it reduces the number of lines quite drastically and use the buses more efficient.

*- how to take land use (red/yellow/blue/green) in considaration?

Well, yea, you probably should, but to me it seams easier just to let the passanger chice there own route and just make it as efficent as possible. Remember that they always travle to and from there house.

*- how to take land value in considaration (bright versus dark colors)
Well, if you traffic one low land value part it will increase quite fast, so i would probobly say, don´t care, just make it as efficent as possible.

*- what spacing between stops?

Every 3 or 4 blocks or so. I would say in a smallish town one at each edge, and one in the center. When the cities grow more stop can be added. Dot put them to close, and make sure to have good bus lane coverage, especially after the 50-tys.

*- how many stops on one line?
What ever number that is needed. I never encounter any problem with that.

*- should all lines start/end near the railway station?
Well you may, but you can also just put two ordinary stops right next to station and let the bus line go right past it.

– how many lines in a town?
*How many it needs. In the early parts just one. When the town is somewhat medium size its a good idea having one go right through and one in a circular pattern.. I Usualy make it in 3 steps.
1: Pasing through the center, with 3-5 stops (in each direction, total of 6-10 actual stops)
2: A additional line going around the center intersecting the stops from the previews one
3: Adding a cross line covering the rest of the city….

Of cause if the cities grow to monsters size you may need  additional lines….. I ones tryed doing the circular line as a comuter train, bot of some ever reason it didnt work

*- how many vehicles on a line?
Minimum to have 3 minus interval i would say. The pops will not use the line if the total travel time is over 20 minutes. So say that they walk for one minute and wait for 3 and then walk for one minute, then they used 5 minutes and have 15 more to travle, no problem, they can make a additional switch. But if the interval is up to around 10 minutes or so the will not like to travle and will definitely not switch over.