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I followed a sim for a while and here is their behaviour.

1. Leave house, go to work

2. leave work, go home

3. Leave home, go to commercial

4. Leave commercial go home

5. Leave home, go to Leisure

6. Leave leisure go home

There is a pattern – they always go from home to a place and home and seem to cycle through the three options.

I watched one sim leave home, walk to station, took train to next city, waited for a bus (first one to arrive was ful, so waited for the second), got off then walked to commercial building. Then left commercial building, turned into a car and drove home.

I’m thinking that if the wait for the bus had been less or the first bus was not full, the sim would have chose my transport to go home, but determined the car was faster based on the experience going out.  Also not that sims walk linear – that is they don’t go to the closest stop to them, but the closest stop on the way to their destination.