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I have done some testing. Created a busloop in city 1, created a train connection between city 1 and city 2.

Then created buslines in city 2 over and over again and let it run for 5 years.

Description City 2: West= Resedential including the railwaystation on the edge of the town. North east = leisure (Yellow), Centre = Commercial; South East = Industrial (Blue).

First conclusions:

– A small loop including all major areas (1) or a point to point from station to centre to yellow (2) or a point 2 point from station to centre to blue (3): almost now difference.

On the loop: It looks like a loop green>blue>yellow>red>green (in this case antoclock wise) is performing a little better then green>red>yellow>blue>green (in this case clockwise)

– A big loop (only the outlines of the town) 50% or less then the normal revenue

– A point 2 point only one way: 30% less (so no stops on the way back to the station) (Have not tested this other way around)

– Trying 3 very small lines using centre as starting point: red>green>station (1); red>blue(2) and red>yellow (3): no income at all; only break even after 5 years! (Have not tested this with station as starting point)

Also still not tested: a busline without the station as stop.

Also checked number of citizens and % covered but no conclusions based on that. Looks all a bit random.



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