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To your questions, I hope I can answer them to your satisfaction 😀

– Train Fever doesn’t have any Timetables, it has intervals which depend on the length of the route and the number of your vehicles driving on this route.
To get some impression of the time, you start at 1850 and every 2 seconds 1 day passes ingame. Sure it isn’t real that a train needs over 2 months to get to his destinition (at least with early and slow vehicles), but the game is supposed to play over decades.

-The placing of rails and roads is really great in Train Fever, you have nearly complete freedom and it makes lots of fun to build a complicate network in this hilly terrain. In the BETA Version it’s sometimes a bit hard with tunnels and bridges, but this should be fixed in the final game.

-I think TF did an even better job, you can follow each person from their house to their destination, to work, shopping or entertainment. You can observe their behavoirs for a bit to find for example a good route for a new tram.

– Signaling is good in TF, but not perfect atm. You have (in the BETA version at least) 2 kind of signals, the normal one and the one way signal. It’s like the signals in Locomotion, but better. The train reserves its way to the next signal,  if you have a switch to a parallel track the train on the other side can still pass, even if there is no signal in between them. I think the signlas work just fine, but there is space to improve (maybe already in the full release or with mods or a DLC)

-Yes, rail only is possible. When you build a network you have to keep in mind that a person is only using your line, if it is faster than going or with a car later in the game and if takes less than 20 Minutes including walking to and from the train station. So you can play with train only, the passengers just go to your station, if it meets the conditions. Because of this system, the stations doesn’t have a direct influence radius, because every person has a different destination and therefore a different traveling time.

If anybody wants something else to know, we don’t bite. I’m sure other BETA testers will answer you kindly 😉

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  • This reply was modified 8 years, 5 months ago by speedcoaster.