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I would also be very interested in that, but for a different approach ! I’m amazed about the love of detail in the models and textures (except for missing “pilots” in the open vehicles).

However, from the first minute I played I wondered why the vehicle and city detail is so high, and really every industry is just plain ugly and underdetailled 🙁 Was is it a time issue ?

I really hope for a model import / export to recreate those… if the import is makeable, creating a new textured and good looking industry is just a matter of a few hours per model (this I can do, I just can’t import)…

Also, we could add more industrys. I ‘m really looking forward for modding support, sofar this game is just great and works more or less flawless for me. Industry is a bit lazy in the later game, but I’m not worried about that.