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First let me say that this title is going to be the crème de la crème of transport games. The graphics are absolutely amazing and if it is mod compatible, it won’t be long before we will be seeing some British loco’s and rolling stock. Having said that, what is needed are locos from the early periods through to modern day, so that starting a scenario from the 1800’s, appropriate locos and stock can be incorporated.

As a starter, how about the ‘Rocket’ or maybe this would be a little earlier than where the game starts. The Stirling single would make a good starting point and maybe other later well known loco’s like ‘City of Truro’ leading up to the 1930’s with locos such as the A4, A3 (Flying Scotsman) Coronation Class (Streamlined, such as Duchess of Hamilton) and maybe some Southern, School’s, BOB or MN Class. Then later during the 60’s period some Diesels like the Deltic, Class 37/40 and 47’s.

But hey, let’s not get too ambitious, even the old British buses could be included in a full British Transport add on pack.

I am sure that this game is really going to catch on pretty fast, as going off what I have seen in the Beta release video’s it will take some beating. There is lot’s of scope for this game, by adding goods transportation, ships and even aircraft, who knows what it may lead to. One thing is certain, it has a bright future and if sales really take off worldwide, it will be around for many years.