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I started out just like most amateur modellers, just wanting to make stuff for games. For me it was making trains for a new simulator. From there I just practised every day until I could form shapes and mould them into objects that looked like what I was modelling.

In the end, I reached a point where I didn’t seem to be progressing and doing certain models was particularly difficult. So I went and did a 2 year diploma in Modelling & Design for the Automotive Industry. I learned so much doing that and even scored a job working for Bentley designing components used for their cars.

I guess what I’m saying is, first learn the software, find out everything you can about it and what every bit of it does and then just start creating things. The more you practice, the more you’ll just get it. Also what i find that helps is to have an understanding how the object is created in the real world, how is it engineered, how do they form those shapes – it will really help you understand how different materials work and what you can and can’t do to it to make things look even more realistic.

If you want to learn more, there are some really great video courses you can do online for next to nothing, have some amazing courses on automotive modelling, well worth the money, particularly if you want to turn your skills into something you can sell for money. have some great courses in helping you become more familiar with software packages, such as 3DS Max, the leading industry standard 3D modelling package.

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