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Here you go guys, this I found in the ‘Support’ section, just posted seconds ago.



Please find below release notes for each game version published on Steam.

Build 4215 (September 4)
•Release version

Build 4221 (September 4)
•Fixed a bug which allowed the camera to go underwater
•Fixed train top speed achievements (were not unlocked before)
•Fixed sky box bottom texture
•Improved welcome window
•Improved German und Hungarian translations

Build 4234 (September 6)
•Fixed a texture compression bug which caused very long loading times and freezes when using any build tool for the first time (was present on certain systems with ATI graphics cards)
•Improved crash dump information feedback (if you don’t disable it, crash dumps are sent automatically to us, without any personal data of course, and thanks to this improvement we will be able to solve crashes and performance issues much better in the next days)

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