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Axel Springer

Yes, way-points very interessting.

Update about industries will comming.


“Freight transport

Our freight model is motivated by the games Transport Tycoon and Simutrans, but many improvements make it more interesting and realistic. Our current design includes coal, iron ore, steel, wood, stock, grain, oil and goods freight.

Raw materials like coal or iron ore are mined at several locations in the game world. These raw materials can then be transported to factories and industrial buildings, which usually process them to goods. Goods are finally needed in commercial buildings in towns. Residents then buy these goods in commercial buildings.

Basically, each building, factory or mine requires some items (freight and people) and produces items if requirements are met. Supply and demand is realistically simulated. Items can be transported by the player, but are also transported by agents (i.e. people walk and workers transport freight themselves, though with low speed, range and capacity).”