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It’s hard to say as it all depends on the town layout, for example if it’s a long town with zones in a line and residential in the middle then 2 ‘main’ lines to connect all the zones – one left and one right terminating in residential. If the zones are in a circle then I add two circle lines – clockwise and CCW. Additional suburban line(s) are then added to get the percentage up. I always put stops near junctions as that’s the only place they can cross the road. I’ll probably have an average of about 10 stops – one every 2-3 blocks. I always try to connect every line to at least one train station.

I’m generally happy with 80%+, plus as the city grows that number drops so you have to keep revisiting cities and changing/adding routes.  I don’t think you can ever have 100% as I’ve seen people walk short journeys despite there being a bus line with quite close stops (I guess the frequency makes the line less attractive to walking)

It really doesn’t matter if 20 bus lines on a map lose 50k each if a single cargo train brings in 2.5m. I see it as cost to encourage further city growth and future profits, as well as keep the traffic down. Plus some cities hit a sweet spot with the main bus line that can bring in 300-400k.