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I’ve seen an oddity when you have more than 1 bus line in the town. If you have 1 bus line going in a circle, the bus line will make money, but then you hurt the town coverage, thus transporting less people. If you have 2 or 3 bus lines, then likely they will make a loss, because now the sims will drive the bus nearest to his/her home. This cause the busses not to be always full and then they will loose money due to expenses in running cost.

I also want to point out to the traffic in the game. I have Traffic DeCongestation on my PC, but not on my laptop. I then played the vanilla game on the laptop and seen many sims driving with cars, but I then found out the rail network has to be improvised to accommodate fast trains, like over 150 km/h if possible. The sims driving with the train then not travel to the next town, but the town after which means they travel past their neighbouring town. Then I make lots of money with the train and not with the busses.

About the trams, the only benefit the trams has, is their running cost being lower than busses. I usually place them after a while the town growing and can find a perfect circle line.