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I have had some issues with cargo transporting as well.

Today I set up a train station by a logging camp, connected that to a train station as a sawmill, which was connected to a city.

I set up 1 train to transport wood to the sawmill and 1 to transport goods to the city.

It sat there for 5 years, and not once was anything delivered to the station, and the logging camp was listed as not being connected to a line.

I then tried replacing the train station with a truck station, and all of a suddenly production went up to max, the logging camp was listed ans connected to a line now and wood was being delivered.

When I tried to replace the truck station with a train station production was still maxed, but nothing was being delivered, and the logging camp was again listed as not connected.

I have tried this several times in several games with various industries, yet no matter what I do, its as if train stations are not acceptable as pickup points, only truck stations.

I dont want to use trucks, I want to use trains, so why cant I use trains?

Why am I forced to use something I dont want to use?