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A lot of good discusions. Also a lot to react. First the problem now is that the current cargo sytem is a somewat bad copy of the passenger system. Passenger have different options. They can walk, which is very slow or )later on) they can take a car. Trains and buses are alternatives for this. And the passenger takes desisions based on time.And although there might be some better optimalisations, no problems there. Moving cargo is there becaused they copied the passenger system. And it is my claim that this a a mistake. Bassically the game is now about moving different types of passengers, some passegers called ore or wood.

But Cargo is different. Cargo does not have options. Not on its own. Claiming that moving cargo is representing some other company is a strangevclaim.. There is no other a.i. train company. This is not what TF is about.  There is also no a.i. other Train company for passengers. You do not compete against other companies. You are competing against yourself on economic reasons, e.g. are you able to move passengers quick enough and cargo cheap enough.

Cargo moving therefore must be based on economy reasons. It is a game against yourself. If you be able to move cargo earning more money then you invest, you are doing the right job. Therefore the price of moving the cargo must be based on your service. Service to the people in the town, delivering goods based on their demand, and quick enough, based on different type of goods. And also according to the service demand of factory owners.

Again, not how the real world works at all.  Fast shipping does not magically affect the price of a product.  I pay the same for a Car whether it was shipped in 1 week or 6 weeks.  However, if it was shipped from a local factory I may pay less than if it was shipped from Japan.  This is exactly what is modeled in TF.

That is not modeled here. You simply get more money when moved over a long distance. So it is now beneficial to deliver wood from the other end of the map, to a factory, and move it to a town again at the other end of the map as long as you move it within 20 minutes. That is strange effect. Not efficient at all, to quote a famous pop band: it is better to take the long way. So another sytem is needed for cargo. A system where it is beneficial to do things quick and efficient. The trade off should be off course in the costs  and perhaps in something like weight, for example the more you move, the higher the costs.

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