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I think the biggest problem regarding industries is that the raw materials usually are too close to the factories, which from my own experience makes trains useless/too risky in the most cases. The raw materials should be located further away/there should be fever of them. The factories on the other hand could be in the towns. Here it would help that the cities actually would demand different goods instead of the generic one, so that it would make sense to have freight trains between cities.

I think that the demand based system is great, but it’s silly that it only makes sense to use one raw material source. Instead of the current system of competing raw material deposits, the supply from raw material deposits should be more limited. Maybe have fever of them or letting them upgrade only after all deposits of the same type are producing at maximum capacity.

The 20 minute rule is actually really frustrating, as this is not a very intuitive gameplay mechanic and should be removed. (this is actually the first time I hear about it.)

In the freight types currently in the game, speed shouldn’t be the base for payment. Distance is the obvious candidate. But what’s really important for the factories is that they have a steady flow of raw materials, but in the same time their storage capacity is limited. This could be factored in for example by giving bonuses if the factories are not running out of raw materials or not letting factories upgrade unless they have a steady flow of materials.