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1 I do not think I understand your answer. Cargo should not move by itself unless you are playing against some a.i. player like RT (for what I remember). Cargo moving by itself is strange to me. And more important creating strange behaviour like moving cargo by itself although transport is available. It is like competing to some sort of ghost.

Cargo moving on its own if rail/truck transport is available simply means that you have not provided a viable economic alternative. You cannot force someone to ship with you, you only provide an option.  This is modeled after real life and ads much more depth than most simple supply based video games.

2. Well that can be reflected in the price you get. Perishable more based on speed then others. But in the end price should be based on speed, not distance, and demand. The distance is the fault in this.

In real life, distance is the primary factor.  Since you do not get to choose what or where goods are shipped, you need to provide a viable option.  If you don’t provide an economic shipping option, it will not be used.

5. What I claim is that price you get for a transport should be related to the demand of a city. Transporting goods to a small town = less money. Goods to a bigger town is more money unless this town is already receiving a lot of goods.

This might be easier to understand, but this logic is completely backwards.  Why would transporting goods to a small town yield less money per product.  Yes there are less buyers, but you would simply ship less.  Typically small town residents pay significantly more for a product than big city dwellers because the distance to ship is greater.

Best price: big city, high demand, quick delivery.

Worst price: low demand, slow delivery. Second part can have a bigger influence if cargo is perishable.

Again, not how the real world works at all.  Fast shipping does not magically affect the price of a product.  I pay the same for a Car whether it was shipped in 1 week or 6 weeks.  However, if it was shipped from a local factory I may pay less than if it was shipped from Japan.  This is exactly what is modeled in TF.

Even better if there are different type of “town” goods, like cars, food, etc creating different types of demand per town per good.

This is currently modeled into the game, I’ve seen a city export goods from and import goods on the same platform at the same time on the same train.  You could reason that the town was exporting tv’s and importing cars.

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