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It’s not hate. It’s is strongly expressed caring which comes from frustration. Simonmd also said the same thing long time ago. This game has so huge potential that it just frustrates the hell out of me to see all this stupid things in it which aren’t anything else than half arsed design things by people who are not experienced enough and didn’t ask help from the people who know how to do these things.

– Scroll bars don’t scroll, and are barely visible to indicate there is something further down. So many people didn’t realize that you actually have 6 different roads in this game before reading about it on the forums.

– Line update button does exactly the same thing as clicking the line name does. Was it really so difficult to program it to open the replace vehice tab directly?

– Pop up video windows which tell you about old vehicles can’t be disabled and they grind the game to halt when dozens of them ar about to pop up. Why now have a status bar at the bottom which tells you all about these things.

– New vehicle annoucnements aren’t standard size windows, and quickly closing them is not possible as the X is all over the place and not on same location all the time. Same happen on a vehicle list at the depot when you sell several vehicles. Sell X jumps every time one line disappears.

– Opening windows, lines, vehicle, depot, buy vehicle, etc, throws windows all over the screen and not next to the mouse cursor. And even if you scroll the screen to the actual location of that vehicle or line, this pop up doesn’t move.

– If the line pop up is too close to the edge of the screen and you press replace vehice tab, it expands the pop up window out from the screen.

And so, so many other similiar issues in everything in this game. Like you see it’s not much, and it could have all been sorted with just a little bit of thought and knowledge about UI but even after several updates, nothing has been done to address this kind of issues.

And just one thing about patches. It’s not great to have patches every 2 weeks or month. They should not be needed in the first place. In any game, it’s the lazy ass developers and rushing publishers who release unfinished items as with Internet it’s so easy to patch later on. Before online time, games were well finished and occasionally there was a bug or two but nothing was clearly unfinished. In this game, this is very much in alpha stage where the consept is laid out, and NOW would start the polishing work to get a proper beta out to do actual testing and then off to release. Now we all are doing the testing after paying for the product and developers don’t even bother replying to bug reports and complaints about bad UI. Those are the things why beta is done in the first place. Just makes you wonder what actually happened in the beta testing of this game last summer.

But for the record, not even Cities:Skyliens get a clean start. There is quite a few small issues which need sorting out BUT unlike this game, devs actually are on it and there is nothing as game breaking and bad in it as there is in TF.

Despite of all this, i’ve had my moneys worth of time on this game so far but i can’t see myself playing it anymore. USA DLC was ok for couple of games but it is so unbalanced that it’s more annoying than fun to play it. IF devs would actually respond here and have a discussion with people, i would spend happily more money with them, either on paid DLC for this game or TF2. If they keep it on this level like they do now, they can Foxtrot Oscar.