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Colossal Order has made some games before C:S, it’s not their first title, TF is the First title of Urban Games and Urban Games doesn’t have such a powerful Publisher on their side like Colossal with Paradox.
Remember Paradox? They’re those guys who make f**kin millions of money with titles like EU IV, CK II, HoI 3, Victoria II etc etc.

So they alrdy have knowhow and more importantly much more cash at their hand to develop games and take your time, Urban Games hadn’t that much cash on their hands, otherwise they wouldn’t have started with a dev team of somewhat 5 guys.

So you can’t compare the two, the only more bizarre comparisons you could make are Urban Games vs. EA and Urban Games vs. Ubisoft or in RL Terms the State of San Marino vs the United States!

So the only comparable things are the games itself.
What could Urban Games learn from C:S? The Simulation code, the game runs smoothly on 70k Citizens, thats impressive and TF could flourish from this, if they could manage to bring this code into TF or a possible TF 2, more immersion because the Cities have real numbers, not a number divided down by 100.

And what could Colossal learn from TF?
1) The Traffic AI is ridicoulously bad in C:S. We’ve got highways with 3 free lanes and the AI-cars are waiting in a line with 2 free lanes to chose but no they wait patiently.
And then you build a subway and bus lanes to get the traffic away from the streets and from the 33.000 people in your city only  1200 consider taking them and the rest still wants to wait in the traffic jam.
Are you fucking serious?
2) Mass Transit Management, TF has the clear advantage here.
3) Game Difficulty. You know why C:S is so popular? Being better than Sim City 4 or anything else in that Genre isn’t the only factor here, it is incredibly easy.
You build a few streets, electricity and water and you’re good to go, as soon as you hit a certain threshold of citizens, and the threshold is incredibly low, around 500 or something, you gain money, no matter what you do and expanding the city is as easy as stealing candy from babies.
And thats the problem of the game, although, the hyped masses don’t recognize it yet.
The game is a fucking no brainer and no one wants a no brainer.
The gamers want at least a little challenge and C:S poses no challenge where as Train Fever poses this challenge.
In Medium Difficulty it proves to be a reasonable challenge, on hard it is really hard.

So, if a game has a mixed review on steam like TF has, this is not a bad sign. More in the contrary, this is a quality mark, because Todays gamer is a f*cking lazy id*ot, who want’s no challenge and runs around with cheats in FPS games.

So to finish this.
If you don’t like this game or the devs for reasonable points, it’s your right to express those points on the forums.
But don’t express unreasonable points and silly comparisons on the forums, that helps no one.

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