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Isindro: Again, it’s not directly about the games themselves, how ever as an example for you, number 6 in your list. You are not supposed to click the vehicle on the line to delete it, but select the mass transit overlay and then click the line itself. It shows you the info about how many people use the line with delete button.

Everything else you listed is pretty much modded already, disappearing cars are easy thing to keep game approachable for new gamers but a mod already turns that feature off.

Azrael: Well, how long it took for you to get even a reply for your issue? I see quite a few bumps by you in that thread. Also above this we have a thread called suggestions/fixes. How many comments from the devs in that?

Please don’t play that silly argument of have you done it by yourself… It just makes you look very childish.

You also missed the point on EA completely. YOU said CO and Paradox can do good publicity because they have money where as UG has not. Simonmd said that’s not the reason, look EA. Lot of money, massive budgets and extremely shitty PR. So if you want to continue any argumentation, please go back and re read the messages either him or me wrote and try to understand what they say in the first place. Then we continue.

Vinkandoi: it’s called open discussion. It doesn’t mean that we don’t support and like the game even if we are critizing it and the developers. Like said, i got 360 hours in it and all but 2 achievemnts done. Ironically one of them, museum line, is buggy and didn’t work out like it was described. Industrialist is just too boring to even try due to freight side of things being after thought in this game.

If you go and look what “about” says here on the tab above, it makes it bit gringeworthy reading… Expertise in game design, game which has all these simple issues like non scrolling scroll bars, lack of information like gradients and speed limits… Very basic stuff. Even the crowd movement simulation is poor as there is none unless player makes connections between cities. And even then, there will never be traffic between the cities where player doesn’t offer services.