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That they don’t post Answers in the sticky post doesn’t mean, that they don’t react to it, you see the answer and reaction in the patch notes.
What do you like more? More Dev’s of UG answering more questions of the community but decreasing development speed OR like now, only Mikael answers from time to time and they can do their job?
I think the latter is the best option.

And to my graphical issue:
If you read the post, you see, why it took so long, first they had to fix huge bugs like crashes, optimizing the performance and so on, the important issues, you need to set priorities in a process like game development to get somewhere.
And, as they found out in the end, it is a very special issue only with Radeon HD 7700/7800 series, they had to dig deep to find this out.
You can’t solve every problem in a matter of minutes, if you think it’s that easy, you’re naive.

And yes, I play the, in your opinion silly, argument, that you have no idea what you’re talking about when you accuse UG of doing bad work despite you never have developed a game by yourself.
It’s like I critize the NASA and their Space shuttles (“Your shuttles are shit, russian Sojus capsules are way better!”) even though I never built a space shuttle by myself.

And I will keep bringing in this argument, that is not childish, that’s just the truth.
Yes, EA has a shit reputation despite their huge budgets, but that just means, that they’re too stupid to use their PR Budget correctly.
Paradox and CO are able enough to use their PR Budget efficiently. UG has nearly no PR Budget as a small game dev studio with a small and nearly unknown publisher on their side.
So it is no wonder, that Paradox and CO could create a much bigger hype about C:S, but the image of C:S starts crackling alrdy.
Stop desperately trying to bless C:S into the heavens and condemning TF into the hell, that is ridicolous and many of your points are just untrue. We can argue objectively or flame each other with calling bad names and lies, it’s up to you to decide.

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