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You misinterpret some thing when I look at your post after mine.

Rail crossings, you mean the one rails over streets? It works for me, what I haven’t checked is streets over rails but then this is a missing feature, not a bug.
Terrain alignement, I don’t know, what you encountered which you consider buggy, I got rarely a situation, where I have to say out loud “Wtf, this is a bug.”
20 mn rule is not a bug, it’s a feature to pose a challenge. If you want to implement the competition of individual traffic vs mass transit, you got to do it by some measurement and the fact, that people usually tend to live near their workplace, shopping place and so on, this is a good measurement at it’s core principle.
Sure, you could change that like increasing ot to 30 or 40 minutes or even an hour or add it as option for a custom difficulty grade, but at it’s core, it’s good and a part of the game, not a “gamebreaking bug”.
The map editor is a feature that many people wish for, but not a gamebreaking bug and it is clear, they had to fix more important issues like gamecrashes and so on.

I won’t discuss with you any further because you’re just too stupid to get my message so I write it one last time clearly out and then, seriously, gtfo.

I talk about the state of the product, you talk about your perception of the product, which is bullshit, that comes clear, when all guys here read what you write, I think you just wanna spread hate and troll so I stop feeding the troll.

And I have done PR work myself and you have done PR work yourself, our whole lives consist out of PR work.
Everybody lies now and then, if people buy your lies, you did good PR work.

But to come away from the philosophy back to the practical, what you perceive as PR work, I did it also, I’m politically active and I made press statements, so I know do’s and don’ts.

And as a conclusion out of this knowledge, a Do, I stop feeding the troll now.