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Well, ive not been on here for a while and it’s amusing to see this thread is still active. There seems to be a couple of people who had the intelligence to understand what I was trying to say but the rest of you should learn how to read AND comprehend what’s being said.

Does the fact that this is Urban Games first release make it ok to lie about their product and basically take my hard earned money with deception? I would never have paid for it if I’d have known it was unfinished and early access, which it IS.

Does the fact that youre a small developer make it ok to give shoody customer service? Surely the reverse is true, my original point was EA can afford to fuck people about, Urban Games CANT, yet they still do.

Do you think its ok that a game needs a patch at least once a month, maybe more over SIX MONTHS after release? This will eventually KILL the mod scene, the very thing that niche products like this need to keep interest, as more and more modders get sick of having to constantly re-release their work to accommodate yet another game change.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of those three questions then I wish you well and there’s obviously no point in wasting any more time discussing the issue.

To those that answered ‘no’, then you shouldn’t look at threads like this as a personal attack, like a lot of you deem to do but as an attempt by a Train Fever fan (yes, that’s me, I love the game, or I wouldn’t give a shit would I?) to TRY and get the Developer to notice and pull their fucking finger out!

Customer service costs FUCK ALL. Be nice to see anyone form UG in here, their OWN forum now and then, is that too much to ask? It’s people who let them get away with stuff like that and who openly defend a BROKEN AND INCRECTLY LABLED PRODUCT that encourage all the shit in the gaming industry today. One day you sheep will wake up and realise you’ve been made a mug of and you’ll only have yourself to blame.