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Well, sounds like a plan but … most of the problems happens because of the collision-monster. Solving some  the root cause is imho better then  extra tools.

Two important things are missing; collisions is happening too much in strange situations: e.g. When I lay a line with a bridge, when I double this line, all of a sudden the second line collides for no opvious reasons. Same with tunnels, etc. This happens al lot. The only thing is then break all down and start all over again.

Secondly: I miss good feedback. The game is not telling what the cause is it collides with (a lot with roads etc). Things which will improve all of this, imho:

1) Good feedback (show in red colliding problems), may beeven automatic repairs (e.g terain-repairs like you see in other games against extra costs)

2) Double track laying at once (or even 3, 4, whatver is needed)

3) More options, like double switches, double junctions)

4)) Possibilty of laying roads over rails and not forced to do it the other way around

5) And then at last … planning mode (like there is now) but then for multiple laying without a commit) would of course also help.


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