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I imagine we’ll be able to make use of the Steam Workshop at some point down the line – Which would be a great way to spread the mods around.

Nexus is the site for distribution and discussion of game mods, I think it would be a god idea to use that:

Many prefer to avoid Steam as much as possible, and in any case it is unwise to put all the eggs in the same basket.

I hate the steam workshop.

Instead of just downloading and adding a mod, I need to be subscribed to the mod to be able to use it.

I dont know what it means, but I do not like the sound of having to subscribe, it sounds to me like I’m signing up for something I dont want just to be allowed to use the mod.

I have tried using mods from Steam workshop in the past on other games, in most cases I could not get them to work at all, only on some cases could I get them to work.

Nexusmods are my goto site for all kinds of mods, I found the best mods for some of my games there.