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Hi Mikael,


don’t get me wrong, I can understand how hard it is for a small team to keep up at every possible setup and issue and I really appreciate your answer. Indeed, the thing that makes me upset, isn’t even that TF is not running or not running in a state that it is enjoyable, it is more the way the whole issue is presented.

As I stated earlier, an announcement directly on issues and that you’re working on it but just can’t tell right now would calm the whole discussion. I’m not only talking about my own mood but the temper that’s coming up on all support sections regarding TF. Fanboys meeting ranters and in this case I can’t deny that I’m ranting myself, while there is no official stuff from the team beside the small sidenote in my often quoted “brilliant release announcement”.

I hope that there will be a solution soon and I assure you, that I will keep starting TF every once in a while with new builds or ideas I had myself regarding changing some setup and check if theres a change.

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