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@starman001 I did exactly what you suggested… I have 1 copper mine that obviously produces copper. Then I have a “Mill” that needs the copper ore in order to make “Goods” (that the cities need)… It simply does not work. Both buildings will stay at 0-1 production even though they are connected to a city.


I tried different scenarios, trucks and trains both on short distances and long, direct trains from ore mine > mill and mill > cities…

It is not strange that it works in the vanilla… I did some digging in the exe and it looks like the main goods are defined (in some way I don’t understand yet) there.


I don’t understand your half the rent example. My copper ore is made in goods which are required by the cities. The other goods are also there: oil, iron, coal etc


The difference between my experiment and Gwinda’s cargo mod is that cargo mod does work sometimes and sometimes not… mine doesn’t, at least not the way it should :)) one copper ore every year is not enough