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forget the “half the rent”, that’s just a german phrase I sometimes use, and I just translated it here… My Bad 😉

It means “this is only 50% of what is needed”.

Regarding the industry, I can’t say for sure why it’s not working. I suppose you also used the vanilla mdl file from the goods industry, and just replaced the ressource needed ? If not, you can try that.

How did you create the files ?

I’m not entirly sure what’s needed, but if you don’t replace art and stuff, you need to edit the cargo file to create a new ressource, a mine file of your choise and give it the new good, and the goods fabrik to use the new Ressource…

Also (this just comes into my mind) : Of course you need to update all vehicles that they can carry the new goods, and maybe also the loading bays (not sure about those).

The chain of course also checks, if the goods CAN be transported, AND the 20 minute limit.

For example : When you create the complete chain, but add a wrong waggon to a train in the chain (there are 3types of wagons for the goods, you need to use the correct one) than the production also is not starting.

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