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I had done the same thing here for two cities connected, but then I wanted to connect one to another city should of put in a 3 platform,  so if you go buy the screen above I took for example the left track over to the other city but I had a lot of trains due to i was using 4 tracks form one city to another. and now they were waiting loads and went in new profit so I tried 3 tracks to one platform and it worked, so looking at the screen again I joined a third track onto the existing two with signals, had same train and amount of carriages on the lines for identical speed. still longer then 4 tracks but now they make money again,  I did the same with the new line I built so when you look at it now arisen the screen instead of 4 lines I now see 6 but 3 of those go to another city, I think when you decide this will be my main city it’s best to put in a 3 or 4 station to cover yourself later in like someone posted,

I always seem to make my main city in middle of map aswell so should of thaught of this. your prob think I g I could of destroyed platform and re built a new one and connected the lines I tried in pause mode but due to the alignment of the station etc I couldn’t connect the existing lines and went bankrupt trying lol, tip save your game manually before big improvements so if you don’t succeed you can load before you tried