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Thanks very much for the suggestions ! It works !  🙂

I have tried the suggestions by twofl and Dozer first and it worked right away. After placing the signals the ‘Manage Lines’ animation also showed the correct direction for both tracks. Bought a second train and let it run once the first train reached the second station. It stopped in front of the crossing/signal ” waiting for free pass” (or something rather… ), placed a signal about half way the first two stations and off it went.

Am in a spot of trouble now… no more money (and i only have road transport running at one city sofar) No problem, start again. This was just to see what intricaties would turn up while creating double track and how to get trains running on it correctly.

Mission accomplished. Thanks very much again, gents !

Also thanks a lot for your comment, leew ! Very informative. Will try single track stations at each end next .  ( but what about extending the line later ?… Just replace the single track station by a double ?… )

@ Agarwel : the two trains running at my double track line are loading/unloading passengers just fine at each station and from each track. No problem at the end stations, where only one track is used, neither.

Thanks a wagonload again, guys !