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Hey DK,

You missed the NS Class 186 (re-paint of Class 185 TRAXX) and there are also some nice re-paints available of the Class 1600 like a NS Cargo repaint, DB repaint and HUSA.

There is also a nice Captrain Class 185 repaint available and a nice Captrain and Raillion repaint of the modded BR232 which you all can find on

A couple on your list like the SGMm, ICM and V-IRM are missing the right specs and depot icons indeed. Keep a look on, which provides more mods.

You can find a Thalys too on

These are the modders/repainters making dutch stuff atm active on

oppie, SpoorObjecten, The Quiet Dutchman, jo_vink, Eversor and JavaNockZik.

jo-vink is working on a NS Class 2200 at

DrimeNL on is working on the NS class 6400 loc, it’s like 90% done but he’s very busy with school atm.



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