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Developers wanted players to be unable to cheat, because players could just delete the road and force people to use trains.

But they failed with this main-connection feature.

If I want to cheat, i still can.

I can make an alternative route that allows me to delete the main road, then i make this alternative route like a snake going left and right long enough, that cars become no longer useable because they take more than 20 minutes to travel on the snakey road.

I don’t do it, because i don’t want to cheat, but I could if i wanted to.

So developers, by trying to remove cheating, you made a feature that is a pain in the ass to the honest people, that delete roads just because of construction, and cheaters still can cheat if they want to.

I’m not having big issues with this feature thank god, but I believe and totally understand people. that are annoyed by it!

This feature is a massive fail, sorry.