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Yes, you are correct Medopu. In theory it is fine to require bypass first. But mostly it leads to “non smooth” roads with annoying angles and you can’t smoothen them out due to how road construction works. And when you will seriously get pissed off is the situation what happened to me today. City 0f 1.5k inhabitants decided that every single road in it, including all the smallest ones, are main connections and absolutely nothing is allowed to be done to them. No upgrades to higher class let alone tram tracks or buss lanes can be built into them. How cool is that! ruined the game instantly.

Also any of the bypass roads i build turn into main connections and can’t be deleted. And the original road also stays as a main connection so now i have loads of roads what i can’t delete and all the railway tracks must go underground.

This feature is not wanted nor needed and as long as there is so many other bugs and flaws in this game, nothing new like this should be introduced. And those depot doors? Awesome, trains and vehicles drive through them as they don’t open early/fast enough… Excellent work and shows the lack of testing too well.  I doubt any of the developers actually played a full game after this patch was “finished” before releasing it.

Oh, there is now a USA DLC announced. Check the list on the website which says “these 22 models…” Nice, but only 21 models on the list below, so this might be the reason why all this bugs and problems are happening 😉