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My first major criticism has been discussed before. It is in relation to dynamic platforms.

Personally, I would rather have control over the trains route a bit more, without it re-calculating and swapping tracks / platforms, which results in merging of lines to use one platform.  Way points and/or platform selection is on the to-do list, I can’t wait for this.

Track formations are a little disappoining. Some very basic formations such as 3-way points, diamond crossings, slips and 90deg crossings have not been included. 

This is one of my main disappointments.  Performance being the first.
I don’t think the dev’s have commented on the many requests for extra crossing configurations either, which is a shame.  For a game called Train Fever, I would expect to be able to create some realistic layouts, instead of awkward crossings which span miles of track.

It would also be good to see custom stations. 

I would love small stations for the rail-bus (inner city perhaps), I wouldn’t mind if it was not custom as such, but a few more would help.  Smaller, entrance at both sides, entrance at one end etc.

Finally, I’m still having a lot of stability issues with my PC running TF.

I don’t have stability issues as such, but do have performance issues, mostly relating to the UI.
I do still love the game though…

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