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First of all, great work on the release. I haven’t have any crash yet and I am having fun. But with everything, there is always room for improvement 🙂 I want to add:

* GUI:

  • List of all events so I can read them back. Don’t want to pause the game every time I go to the toilet 🙂
  • More filtering and sorting in information windows
  • An information window about industries and where they get their goods from and sell their goods to
  • Auto removal of obstructing objects when I press “accept” to build

* Gameplay:

  • More different types of goods. For example mail would be easy to introduce
  • Towns should produce goods also
  • People who work at industries
  • Houses in rural areas
  • Industries should try to connect themselves. Right now I can force myself to be more efficient just by removing some roads
  • Boats!
  • Option to turn off signals
  • Special buildings within towns like schools and museums

* Trafic

  • Fix/improve train pathing. If I create a multi-line station and combine all incoming rails into one the train will only use one line at the station ignoring the other free lines at the station.
  • When I create a line and I assign multiple vehicles from a depot to that line I like to add an interval to prevent all vehicles in a cluster.
  • Option to set a minimal time between two vehicles in one line. The second vehicle will wait at a depot to keep its set distance between the first vehicle.
  • Vehicles moving through town should slow down in town to abide to speed limits which exist in the real world 🙂

Thats it for now 🙂


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