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@TrainInFluenza nice definition and measurement! I have asked Douglas to fix the guide


1. I think its 24 minutes in the first. Month is a minute. 24 month are 2 years. In case of one vehicle on the line with 2 stops. You need each payment at the station in particular year. If you make it longer, then you financial ledger would be very jumpy. Becouse it would happen the in one financial year you dont get any income. Just imagine waves like one year minus milion next year plus 2 milions. If you make it shorter it would not be synced.

2. The time limit (20/24 whatever it is) is considered for farest possible route.

Lets have an example of algorithm for leisure route :

Let say the agent is home (the green) he looks for leisure (yellow). There are 7 leisure areas on the small map. 3 of them are reachable in time limit. 1 of them has best environment parameters. So the route is started for a leisure which is in reach of the time limit (and has best value?). It takes bus-train-bus2. Due to the traffic jam first buss was late 3 minutes. Train was waiting in taffic lights for next minute. When the agent come to the bus2 station he has only 5 minute left but rest of the rout takes 7minutes so he is teleported home (green). Alhou he paid for first bus and train, he dont reach destination.

In case he made it to leisure. He would also travel back.

Intersting question would be – for the city grow bonus – does it count started travels or finished travels?

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