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@Tossi: I see now. I agree on number 1 and 2, but I don’t understand 3. How do you then workout the total travel time? And number 4, you saying the frequency is not based on every stop, but only on a single on, like you said in number 1 and 2.

Can somebody then try to explain how I can use frequency to calculate the total travel time.

If I got the following scenario: I got a circle bus line. There is 6 busses on it and the frequency is 50 seconds.

Can I then take 6×50=300 seconds. So it means my bus will take 300 seconds to fully complete the circle line.

If I got 8 stops on the line and the person gets of at the 3rd stop. Then I can take 300/8=37,5 seconds. Then take 37,5×3=112,5 seconds.

This means the person will take 112,5 seconds to travel from bus stop 1 to bus stop 3?