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@fransgelden firstly it’s best to see every line as a circle conceptually (I got a circle bus line) even if the vehicles use the same road/rail to travel back.

Can I then take 6×50=300 seconds. So it means my bus will take 300 seconds to fully complete the circle line.


If I got 8 stops on the line and the person gets of at the 3rd stop. Then I can take 300/8=37,5 seconds. Then take 37,5×3=112,5 seconds.

Yes but only if your stops are equally spaced. Frequency does not help you in any way here (unless you have the unlikely scenario where stops are equally spaced). You would need to measure the trip time between stops manually or estimate it.


See this example, some vehicle will pass every stop on this line every 38 sec and each vehicle will do a complete loop in 66s. But the travel time between the stop is not the same – 1 to 2 is a few seconds while 2 – 3 is quite long and 3 – 1 even longer.