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Maybe I spoke too soon…

The problems fix suggestions:
1. The game crashes at startup or during initialization of a new game

With a very high probability this problem can be solved by installing the latest graphics card drivers. We had this issue during the beta test phase multiple times and to our knowledge all these crashes were solved after installing the latest drivers.

2. You are using a laptop and the game does not work

If you are using a laptop with two graphics cards, make sure that you select the dedicated / more powerful card as the primary device in the graphics card settings. It’s a very common problem that the less powerful graphics card is set as the primary device and as a consequences, games do not run.

Seem NOT working after all. I could play it 3 times, and now it won’t start anymore.

And the latest (working) gfx drivers provided by DELL doesn’t seem to work. Installing the AMD version of the driver somehow isn’t possible. But I will retry.

Any more suggestions?