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I thoroughly support LANDMARKS. There is currently not a single better idea than this.

At present, the game does not offer anything unique, each new game is the same… “random” towns/industries, but it’s all very very similar. There are no gaps between towns, it’s almost always the same distance, etc.

Landmarks could add a really neat feature – you’d have to build your business around those (1-3) big areas, e.g. harbor/airport for a source of passengers wishing to travel to cities; new building projects that require different materials (that are not yet in the game). The possibilites are huge.

Also, I found myself building up my company with vehicles other than trains… the game should be a general transportation game, not a train-specific one. Because then you could offer other services, e.g. taxi service from the airports.

You would have to set prices, which is not present in the game yet… I do hope they will improve the game!