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1. Drivers/operators should be visible on all vehicles. It looks a bit silly to see a stage coach or early train, for example, without people driving it. This could be a randomly skinned person operating the vehicle; they don’t even need to be animated, just sitting/standing there will do. Or new people skins who are wearing different uniforms for specific vehicle types could be made.

YES! This has bugged me since I first got the game, my first impression upon seeing the horse drawn traffic was, ‘woa, got a runaway!’ Same applies to the open cab engines and early trams would modelling some kind of generic figure have been too hard? No need for animation but in a game that shows people walking down the street, I don’t understand this obvious omission.

5. An option to place gates at level crossings which are dependent on year, and have road traffic actually stop for trains at all types of crossing. Gates in the early years would be manned, while automatic boom-gates could be introduced later on. ……..

I’m sure this will appear as a mod in due course. Would be nice to have a little signal box next to the gates for a bit of eye candy as well.

10. Once a passenger/cargo is loaded onto a vehicle, it shouldn’t disappear. Where do they go? Do passengers die or jump off during transit? Does cargo just fall off? I understand when they disappear from the station, they got fed up with waiting, that makes sense.

Isn’t this something g to do with the 20 min rule? I’m sure I’ve read that if the journey turns out to be too long for the passenger/item then they just unspawn. I hope this can be fixed.

14. Auto replace old vehicles, providing that the player has enough money and provided that the vehicle’s route passes near a relevant depot.

Managing the updates better is needed but NO Auto replace thank you, I like keeping some old stock sometimes for the nostalgia.


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