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a) Always replace small stations with large, as soon as line output hits 100. In areas where you expect to grow, just don’t even bother building a small station. Small stations are only useful in drop-out stations (cities), where cargo doesn’t have to wait.

b) You give unfair advantage in your example to full load lines. Unfair because you assume there is a truck always waiting for load on a full-load line. Which means that the line has enough vehicles anyway. The problem of a station only holding X ammount of material, and material going to waste if the station is full can happen equally in full-load example and in any-load example.

c) Now for the proper example. Assuming both examples (full-load track and any-load track) have shortage of vehicles and as a result, stations start stacking materials.

Remember. The beauty of any-load is the fact that vehicles space themselves out, leaving you a better clue over how frequent the station load/unload process is going on.

In any-load example, you can spot station filling themselves up sooner than in full-load example, because there are fewer discrepancies in vehicle intervals, meaning that if you start having a constant surplus of say 10 resources in the station waiting, you know that this is going to be more or less a constant. Because vehicles are evenly spaced out, you can easily estimate, how fast resources are building up in the station. So if you start having resources stacking up. Add a few vehicles, and you’re good to go.

With full-load that is not the case, you have to be so much better at estimation. Because vehicles are unevenly spaced out, you do not know exactly for sure, if a particular material build-up is due to vehicle shortage, or if the build-up is perhaps the problem, because at that moment of inspection, there were no vehicles to load the materials.


It’s pretty simple stuff really.