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Eagerly awaited and anticipated this game’s release and now it’s finally here!

‘Starting game’ >> “OpenGL content creation failed, please update your videocard drivers.

Aargh , oh noes!  Ah well, surely it’s something we can fix, let’s see what the world wide web has to say about this.


About 3 hours later and a lot (A LOT) of effort from my part later, cause I really want to play this game, I still have the same issue. I have tried everything.

I see the problem now, but it’s not really a problem, it’s only a problem with this game somehow. I play 100’s of games and this is the first game I can’t get to work.

You see, I have an integrated video card and a seperate fast GPU, games normally switch to this faster GPU automatically, but this game does not. And really, it’s the first of it’s kind that doesn’t. I can’t choose my videocard, so I’m screwed. Thanks for all the anticipating and more and you can’t even get it to work on a PC that’s sold to 1000’s of people (and is really common), just cause the game doesn’t switch to my better gfx card. Can you do something about this? And no I can’t switch manually, I’ve even removed the whole driver from system and then I can only run windows on basic graphic driver, it just doesn’t switch to my faster gfx card.

Thnx in advance….