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I do not think it is the other cities fault at all.   You take the same path I tend to do, I do not have that issue.

One thing I did find that helps me maintain steady growth thru out the whole game is…   On your small map, do not open a factory until you have all 7 cities with their own intercity bus routes.   Then open up the 6 city to city connections to your hub city.      Just an FYI here, I do not even have a factory open until 1885- 1890.    But doing this, I can still hit 1000-1100 by 1930,

Wait for a little growth, then open up your middle most factory, feed all 7 cities with that.   It will grow kind of slow at this point.   But it will expand and feed all 7 cities for quite a while.     When that plant hits 380ish production, find a north or south factory, open it and feed one of  city’s near it.    After it expands, feed a 2nd city.

When your main factory gets back up to 370-380ish, open your 3rd factory, with one city being fed, when it expands feed 2nd city.

This gives me constant growth thru out the game,I tend to hit 1000-1100 in hub by 1930.  2-3 other cities will be at 550-600.   The rest either high 400’s or 300’s.

What I noticed for me was, if I open a factory early in game, 1850-1855ish, that the factory expands rapidly.   Then my cities stagnate, even with 3 factories running.   Not sure if it is in my head, but after doing this, I have not had stagnation in my games.

Also note, that doing to much cosmetic road work in hub city can and will hurt your growth.   So, if you like a ring around the city, make it huge.    Also, the cities will grow towards your bus stations, use that to your advantage.