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yes, thats actually the biggest problem i have with the game.

freight trains are supposed to be long and heavy, but the industries do not produce ernough to warrant long trains and demand from the citys is so low, that i can’t make money by delivering goods to them by train..

what do we need a 320m station for, if i can’t even use a 160m long train because it only uses 1/3 of its capacity?! furthermore a rather short delay because of a disruption on the line causes the industries to slow down production immediately and all trains run a deficit for years again until it is up where it once was.

there should be less industries on the map, but they should produce much much more to allow for long trains running longer distances. also industrial production should not be time dependent at all, only the amount of goods delivered should count.

sadly this seems to be hardcoded in the game, because in the model files of the industries there are only entries for what kind of goods they produce but not for the amount. also i couldn’t find anything in the lua scripts about travel times for goods or passengers.