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I find it impossible to satisfy the freight demand for towns on a map that do not have complete production chains located nearby.  Bringing in a commodity from a distance any further than the distance to the next town is impossible due to transport time exceeding the 20min rule.  High frequency dedicated freight line do not work over longer distances, even with high frequency service.

That is for me the biggest problem of this game, along with cargo/passengers disappearing along the trip and performance.

That is because if I make routes shorter than what I already have I can easily use trucks, no need to train.


Maybe you should read my Tutorials [Advanced] Train Fever + CargoMod Part 1 and 2 in total 140 pages.


If you are talking about the same guide I’m thinking, its all in German. Can’t read german.

If goods needs to be less than 5 minutes, I stop playing this game today. This is ridiculous. A route with trains with 5 min frequency means very short routes and very short trains, maximum 6 wagons (RRT2 all over again).