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I forgot to mention about the Axles they only rotate in the y-axis and they are what connect the train/bogies to the track/road. that’s why you don’t need to animate them, you could get unwanted results if you do/did.

Dev’s have made it quite easy to adapt modding I must add, others make it near impossible out of the “box”.

As too scripting lua that’s a toughy I’ve played other games highly modified that used lua and all I would do is take a peek some stuff I’ld recognize from scripting .xml but the other stuff is just way beyond me. once I actually start to write a script I’ll know more, I learn as I go. Even in the video I still come up with stuff that’s why I don’t flow with my speech. Should have a script, guide lines to follow or video then narrate I guess but either way it’s quite time consuming.

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