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This is my greatest frustration.  You build a track network to serve the industries and you build trains for the transport of their product and you sit there and wait and watch as NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

Now we can buy enormous powerful locomotives (e.g., BigBoy) and watch it pull three gondolas that never fill up and of course the trains lose tons of money and eventually the game just fizzles out because you can’t borrow anymore money and you just quit frustrated.

I am playing lately with the “No Cost” mod just because it is the only way to run realistic looking trains with lots of cars.  But really it would be great if the game worked better and allowed you to build the industries and make money with bigger more lucrative trains.

Locomotion worked better growing industries and even creating new ones that challenges you to expand your trains and build new routes to serve new industries.  TrainFever gets boring too quickly because it doesn’t give you the same reasons to keep playing.

I feel strongly that this is TrainFever’s Achilles Heel and needs to be addressed.  I can not understand why the developers have not rethought this matter.  It makes the difference between a game that stalls and goes nowhere versus a game that keeps you stimulated and challenged.