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When is a game complete ? Take Microsoft Flightsimulator. It’s been around for about 25 years. Has it been updated and upgraded ? Constantly ! Is it complete ? Absolutely not.

Doesn’t mean that heeps of peeps have had and still have great fun with it.

For me a game is complete when you can have fun with it and i have tremendous fun with TF. There is a lot to wish for and some of these wishes have already been adressed by the TF team even if it’s just over a month old. Put your worries about the various issues you mention aside and keep on playing. Once you grow into it you’ll notice how wonderful the game engine has been layed out. You’ll learn lots of things that you don’t know about just yet. It’s not only one road that leads to Rome….

F.i. roads that cannot be drawn over railtrack ? Simple solution: delete a piece of track, lay the road, put the piece of track back, Bob’s your uncle. And every road that ends up at a river bank can be extended to the otherside. Just make sure there’s room enough. Also you’ll find comfortable to have seperate tracks for passenger and cargo transport.

You’ll have to get into the game, the learning curve is not real easy, but once you see the beauty of it you’ll be asking yourself why you thought it is incomplete. Trust me.   😉