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Best way for start a good Passenger Transport System.

First pauze the game in the beginning of the game and find the 2 biggest cities.

In one of the city build a trainstation at the adge of the residential zone and industrial zone.

Make a medium busstation next to it and make a busroute. All my busroutes are designed te same way.

From the busstation to the industrial zone and than to the residential zone and back to the station.  The busroute cross the rest of the zones if possible. Use about 10-15 busstops. People travel most of the time from home to work. Do not make a busroute the other direction because the traveltime from home to work will increase and most of the time it’s not profitable.

One busline in the begining is good. Make a round troughout the city. Not a straight line.

Do the same in the other city.

When this is done, look for the best flat route for the train and can you take other city within your route. So when this is true, make the station and busroutes.  Connect the two city first and make a trainroute. When you have money enough to conect it to another station, do it. If the waiting time is longer than 12 minutes, buy an another train.

About a year the line will become profitable.

When the city grows you can make tramroutes. I use them in an straight line over the bordes of the zone to the side of the city. The busroutes cross the tramroutes so pessangers can switch lines. Only do this in a big city because of the income of those lines. Longer busroutes (more than 20 stops) are not profitable of the long traveltime.

Hold your rolling-stock young, because the extra cost. And buy the faster buses and train. The frequency will be higher and more profitable.

Use it as a tip and good luck with your games.

I Connect al cities together with 5 trainlines. (not more than 4 cities on one line) and in every city atleast 1 busroute and 4 cities one tramline. I make a profit of 22 milion a year in 1943. And i didn’t use the possibility to use cargo. So when you use that……

Sorry for my bad english by the way:)