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I start differently but also making money:

Start in a sort of big(ger) town (use sort-on-inhabitants in the town list), search for a nice place for a passenger station, also look around to see how many connection you need in the future and drop a 2, 3, 4 or 5 platform station. Also target a town nearby for your first railway connection.

Create from this first station a busline in town 1. Trough in around 6 buses or horse wagons.

Go the next target town. Do the same in the target town, create a station and busline.

Wait a while until the buslines are making money.

Create a railway between the stations and buy a train and set-up a line.

Most of this (if not all) can be done with the 2 Mil. starting money)

Wait now until the railway is making money, usually within a few years ….

The start looking for your first (wagon) connections on goods ….